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  • In course of time Gudrun married Atli (Attila), king of the Huns, Brunhild's brother.
  • Atli, intent on getting hold of the hoard, which Gudrun's brothers had seized, invited them to come to his court.
  • Atli then once more offered to spare Gunnar's life if he would reveal his secret; but Gunnar refused to do so till he should see the heart of Hogni.
  • Gudrun, however, avenged the death of her brothers by slaying the sons she had borne to Atli and causing him unwittingly to drink their blood and eat their hearts.
  • Finally, in the night, she killed Atli himself and burned his hall; then, leaping into the sea, she was carried by the waves to new scenes, where she had adventures not connected with those recorded in the Nibelungenlied.

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