Sentence Examples

  • This process was, moreover, hastened by the substitution of costly and elaborately embroidered materials for the simple stuffs of which the vestment had originally been composed; for, as it became heavier and stiffer, it necessarily had to be made smaller.
  • Is prevalent, while the Totaninae, with acute and stiffer bills, display no such lively colours.
  • Glass is lighter, stiffer, less costly and easier to work than speculum metal.
  • The number of exites is less constant, but, in A pus, two are present, the proximal branchial in function and the distal forming a stiffer plate which probably aids in swimming.
  • The fur is of fine quality, consisting of a short soft whitish grey under-fur, brown at the tips, interspersed with longer, stiffer and thicker hairs, shining, greyish at the base, bright rich brown at the points, especially on the upper-parts and outer surface of the legs; the throat, cheeks, under-parts and inner surface of the legs brownish grey throughout.