Sentence Examples

  • The rock wallabies again have short tarsi of the hind legs, with a long pliable tail for climbing, like that of the tree kangaroo of New Guinea, or that of the jerboa.
  • The line originally used in the fishery was of the best hemp, slightly vapoured with tar, not impregnated with it, as in the case of ordinary ropes; for while tar, as ordinarily used, makes the hemp more pliable to the rope-maker, and also renders the rope itself more convenient to the sailor for common ship use; yet, not only would the ordinary quantity too much stiffen the whale-line for the close coiling to which it must be subjected; but as most seamen are beginning to learn, tar in general by no means adds to the rope's durability or strength, however much it may give it compactness and gloss.
  • In particular, the coupling (e.g. air, air bellows, pliable foam etc.) between the transducer and tissue will be investigated.
  • Using a wooden spoon, slowly mix in the water until the mixture forms a pliable dough.
  • The batten thickness on the circular bay was achieved by using thinner pliable laths until the required thickness had been achieved.

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