Sentence Examples

  • After a moment grappling with her mixed emotions, she got up and called a portal.
  • Wide shoulders, chiseled chest, rippling abs … even his scent—of pure man mixed with the mystery of night—lured her like an animal falling for a hunter's bait.
  • You're not going to go and get us mixed up in a bucket of shit like the last time, are you?
  • The memory of power coursing through his blood mixed with the sense of loss he last felt when he was a child.
  • "But I'm not done –" Rhyn snatched the open can of food and flung it into the forest.  Toby stared at him then took his pink coat and crawled deeper into the little cave.  Rhyn stretched out on his back next to the fire, his mind puzzling over the angel's words.  However much he tried to focus on what it was Death had agreed to, he couldn't escape his mixed emotions or one errant thought.

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