Sentence Examples

  • He then sat at the table, helping himself and his companion to the assorted pastries.
  • He was the eldest child of an ill-assorted union.
  • "In this," he continued, "are many assorted flutters.
  • These pipes are made up in small bundles, bleached in sulphur fumes in a closed chest, assorted into sizes, and so prepared for the plaiters.
  • For the purpose of the manufacturer of this salt these are assorted into a raw material containing approximately, in Ioo parts, 55-65 of carnallite (representing 16 parts of potassium chloride), 20-25 of common salt, 15-20 of kieserite; 2-4 of tachhydrite (CaC12 2MgC12 12H20), and minor components.