Sentence Examples

  • But even with homogeneous light it would be unreasonable to expect an oblique direction of perfect polarization.
  • The population was not homogeneous, as a considerable part of the immigration came by way of Pennsylvania and included Germans, the Protestant Scotch-Irish and settlers from the states farther.
  • The early inhabitants, whose race is unknown, were extirpated or absorbed in the Dorian migration, for in historic times the city had a homogeneous Dorian population.
  • The region inhabited by a more or less homogeneous Albanian population may be roughly marked out by a line drawn from the Montenegrin frontier at Berane to Mitrovitza and the Servian frontier near Vranya; thence to Uskizb, Prilep, Monastir, Florina, Kastoria, Iannina and Parga.
  • The ancient classes are confounded and obliterated in a population more homogeneous, more adapted for democracy and despotism.

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