Sentence Examples

  • Maybe he wasn't a saddle bum, but only a greenhorn would think he could live off the barren land that surrounded them.
  • Leo Africanus rightly describes its lower course as "severing by its winding channel the barren and naked soil from the green and fruitful."
  • Of the Gran Chaco, covered with forests of palms and other tropical vegetation, to the sandy, saline wastes of the Puna de Atacama, almost barren of vegetation and overshadowed by permanently 1 For the geology of Argentina, see Stelzner, Beitrdge zur geologie der argentinischen Republik (Cassel and Berlin, 1885); Brackebusch, Mapa geologico del Interiore de la Republica Argentina (Gotha, 1892); Valentin, Bosquejo geologico de la Argentina (Buenos Aires, 1897) Hauthal, " Beitrage zur Geologie der argentinischen Provinz Buenos Aires," Peterm.
  • The greater part of Patagonia is comparatively barren and has no arboreal growth, except in the well-watered valleys of the Andean foothills.
  • Having left the tree-line far behind him, nothing is visible to the traveller for miles around but barren peaks and torn crags in indescribable confusion.

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