Sentence Examples

  • On to rural America where the pickings are as fertile as the country side and there's always a trusting little soul willing to help a stranger.
  • Whole fields were yellow with buttercups or white with the ghosts of dandelions whose tiny parachutes floated off, seeking fertile fields in which to propagate.
  • There was little fertile land among the cliff-dominated territory, little at all he could see as being a reason to traverse the small territory let alone labor to build an alliance against it.
  • The sanjak is very fertile, and contains good breeding-grounds, upon which horses,, camels and cattle are reared.
  • Beyond these rivers she held only the fertile plain of Frankfort, opposite the Roman border fortress of Moguntiacum (Mainz), the southernmost slopes of the Black Forest and a few scattered tétes-du-pont.

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