Sentence Examples

  • Even when we treat him merely as a dramatist our enjoyment of his later works gains enormously if we take them as organic wholes, and not as mere plots dressed up in verse and action.
  • To each local Ecclesia St Paul has ascribed a corresponding unity of its own; each is a body of Christ and a sanctuary of God: but there is no grouping of them into partial wholes or into one great whole.
  • From the towns, from the counties as wholes, and from many of its ancient lordships, the crown was entitled to archaic dues in kind, such as honey.
  • All else, considered as wholes, have vanished in the course of the centuries.
  • There were the seeds (o IppaTa) or miniatures of corn and flesh and gold in the primitive mixture; but these parts, of like nature with their wholes (the opocoAEprl of Aristotle), had to be eliminated from the complex mass before they could receive a definite name and character.