Sentence Examples

  • When, by practice with logarithms, we become familiar with the correspondence between additions of length on the logarithmic scale (on a slide-rule) and multiplication of numbers in the natural scale (including fractional numbers), A /5 acquires a definite meaning as the number corresponding to the extremity of a length x, on the logarithmic scale, such that 5 corresponds to the extremity of 2X.
  • Negative Quantities and Fractional Numbers.
  • The extension of the methods to fractional numbers is part of the establishment of the laws governing these numbers (� 27 (ii.)).
  • Obtained by fractional distillation of the aqueous distillate, special precautions being necessary owing to the excessively poisonous nature of the free acid: K 4 Fe(NC),±3H 2 SO 4 = 2K2S04+FeS04+6HCN.
  • Is correct to the sixth fractional place.