Everything Definition

Every thing; all things; all.
Webster's New World
All things pertinent to a specified matter.
Webster's New World
The most important thing.
Money is everything to him.
Webster's New World

(colloquial) A state of well-being (from all parts of the whole).

She wasn't feeling well this morning but now everything is fine.
Since the company lost its best customer everything has gotten worse.
  • the whole shebang
  • you-name-it
  • the works
  • the-whole-shooting-match
  • the whole schmear
  • every little thing
  • the lot
  • the whole
  • all things
  • the whole ball of wax
  • the whole bunch
  • stock and barrel; the whole bit
  • the whole kit and caboodle; lock
  • all-that
  • all

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  • with everything

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