Sentence Examples

  • His gaze dropped to the necklaces at her neck before he stepped aside.
  • And creepy.  She makes necklaces out of them?
  • St Audrey was St Etheldreda, who founded Ely cathedral, and it is generally accepted that tawdry-laces or tawdries were necklaces bought at St Audrey's Fair on the 17th of October.
  • The fruits are esculent, but the involucres are the part chiefly used, for making necklaces and other ornaments.
  • Most of these are perforated for mounting on threads or wires, and had been, no doubt, originally connected together to form one or more of the elaborate girdles, necklaces and breast ornaments then worn by the women.3 On the bottom of the stone box there was similar dust, pieces of bone and jewelry, and also remains of what had been vessels of wood.

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