Sentence Examples

  • A " Taal " word derived from the Dutch krans, a wreath, chaplet or cornice.
  • Chaplet has patented a muffle or tube furnace, similar in principle, for use on a larger scale, with a number of electrodes placed above and below the muffle-tube.
  • Usually two cilia are present; in Botrydium and Hydrodictyon only one is present; in certain species of Cladophora four; in Dasycladus a chaplet, and in Oedogonium a ring of many cilia.
  • For Individual Authors, See Haliburton'S A Centenary Chaplet (1897), With A Bibliography; " Haliburton," By F.
  • In consonance with this name, its authors propose to re-name the Conjugatae; Akontae and Oedogoniaceae with a chaplet of cilia become Stephanokontae, and the algae remaining over in the three series from which the Heterokontae and Stephanokontae are withdrawn become Isokontae.

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