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  • Other encyclicals, such as those on Christian marriage (Arcanum divinae sapientiae, 10th February 1880), on the Rosary (Supremi apostolatus oficii, 1st September 1883, and Superiore anno, 5th September 1898), and on Freemasonry (Humanism genus, 20th April 1884), dealt with subjects on which his predecessor had been accustomed to pronounce allocutions, and were on similar lines.
  • Whatever may have been the origin of the rosary, the Dominicans did much to propagate the devotion.
  • They also usually wear, like all Vaishnavas, a necklace of tulasi, or basil wood, and a rosary of seeds of the same shrub or of the lotus.
  • In this sect, children are solemnly admitted to full membership at the early age of four, and even two, years of age, when a rosary, or necklace, of 108 beads of basil (tulsi) wood is passed round their necks, and they are taught the use of the octo-syllabic formula Sri-Krishnah saranam mama, " Holy Krishna is my refuge."
  • 1495), grand-inquisitor in Germany, founded the first confraternity of the rosary at Cologne in 1475.

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