Sentence Examples

  • The look on Jessi's face when he'd crushed the red beads disturbed him.
  • Xander sifted through Ashley's colorful beads, uninterested.
  • If Brandon and Ashley were around, there would be little messes and beads everywhere.
  • A strand of wampum, consisting of purple and white shell-beads or a belt woven with figures formed by beads of different colours, operated on the principle of associating a particular fact with a particular string or figure, thus giving a serial arrangement to the facts as well as fidelity to the memory.
  • The graves at Hallstatt were partly inhumation partly cremation; they contained swords, daggers, spears, javelins, axes, helmets, bosses and plates of shields and hauberks, brooches, various forms of jewelry, amber and glass beads, many of the objects being decorated with animals and geometrical designs.