31 Words That Rhyme (or Almost) With World

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Updated February 11, 2021
Curled around the world
    Curled around the world
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Whether you’re creating a new marketing slogan or writing a poem about Earth, finding words that rhyme with “world” is no easy feat. See if these rhymes and near rhymes for “world” can work for your needs.

Words That Actually Rhyme With World

A perfect rhyme is created when the final stressed vowel and all subsequent sounds in two words sound exactly the same. These are the best rhymes for “world” because they are perfect rhymes.

  • burled (v.) - finished cloth by removing knots or loose threads
  • curled (v.) - formed into a spiral shape
  • furled (v.) - rolled up and secured
  • hurled (v.) - threw with force
  • knurled (v.) - pressed a pattern of ridges into a part
  • pearled (v.) - formed bead-like drops
  • purled (v.) - flowed with a murmuring sound
  • squirreled (v.) - hid away for safekeeping
  • swirled (v.) - moved in a spinning motion
  • twirled (v.) - spun around in a circle
  • whirled (v.) - spun quickly in a circular motion

Near Rhymes for World

Finding near rhymes, half rhymes, slant rhymes, or imperfect rhymes for “world” is equally as hard as finding perfect rhymes. These are some of the best options out there that almost rhyme with “world.”

  • blurred
  • earl
  • girdled
  • girl
  • gnarled
  • herald
  • hold
  • hurdled
  • merle
  • occurred
  • overt
  • Roald
  • rolled
  • spurred
  • third
  • turtle
  • unfurled
  • whorl
  • word
  • worked

Words That Rhyme With Synonyms for World

If you don’t like any of the rhyming options for “world,” consider using a word similar to “world” instead. It might be easier to find rhymes for other words that mean the same as “world.”

Words That Rhyme With Earth

Swap out the word “world” and you might be able to use these words that rhyme with “earth.”

  • berth
  • birth
  • Earth
  • firth
  • girth
  • mirth
  • worth

Words That Rhyme With Globe

If you can trade “world” for “globe,” you might be able to use these rhyme words.

  • probe
  • robe
  • strobe

Words That Rhyme With Planet

While “planet” isn’t easy to rhyme with either, it does give you a few extra options.

  • granite
  • Janet
  • pomegranate

All the Rhymes in the World

Rhyming with tricky words like “world” can drive you mad if you’re after perfection. If you’re really on the hunt for the hardest word to rhyme with, check out words that rhyme with orange! To find more words related to world, learn some rhymes for home. If you need more meaningful rhyming words, explore words that rhyme with life.