Words That Rhyme With Orange

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Updated February 19, 2021
Words That Rhyme With Orange
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Although there are very few words that rhyme with "orange" perfectly, there are dozens of slant rhymes for the word. Whether you're writing a poem, playing a rhyming word game, or just need to satisfy your curiosity, enjoy this exhaustive list of orange rhymes.

Orange - Sporange

The only perfect rhyming word for orange is "sporange." A sporange is an old botanical term for "sporangium," the portion of a fern in which asexual spores are created. This doesn't exactly lend itself to use in sonnets or couplets, but it's handy trivia nonetheless.

Orange - Blorenge

There's also a proper noun that rhymes with orange: Blorenge. The Blorenge is the name of a mountain in Southeast Wales. If you are writing a poem about the mountain, then you're all set. Otherwise, you may need to use some slant rhymes for orange instead.


47 Slant Rhymes for Orange

When you can't find a perfect rhyme, you can use a slant rhyme or near rhyme instead. Slant rhyme is much more flexible, since the rhyming word only needs to sound similar to orange. There are dozens of possibilities.

One-Syllable Slant Rhymes for Orange

Orange is a two-syllable word, but you can try rhyming just the last syllable. These words are approximate rhymes for that syllable:

  • Binge - a short time or excessive indulgence, or the act of indulging for a short time
  • Change - an alteration, or the act of altering something
  • Cringe - to shy away from something unpleasant
  • Flange - the portion of something that flares out
  • Fringe - a decoration at the edge of something, or simply the very edge of something
  • Grunge - dirt or grime, or a style of music
  • Hinge - the part that allows a door to open and close, or the act of something depending on something else
  • Lunge - to move forward suddenly
  • Mange - a condition in which an animal's coat is matted and diseased
  • Plunge - to drop suddenly
  • Singe - to burn slightly by proximity to fire
  • Sponge - a natural or artificial item that soaks up liquid, or the act of soaking something up
  • Tinge - to color slightly or be colored slightly

Two-Syllable Slant Rhymes for Orange

As a two-syllable word, orange often sounds best with a two-syllable slant rhyme. Consider these options:

  • Arrange - to put things in order
  • Borage - a plant with blue flowers
  • Boring - to be uninteresting
  • Challenge - something difficult to overcome, or to create a difficulty
  • College - an institution of higher education
  • Cottage - a small home, usually in rural or semi-rural surroundings
  • Courage - bravery
  • Derange - to make insane
  • Exchange - to trade one thing for another
  • Estrange - to create a distance between two things or people
  • Expunge - to erase
  • Four-inch - describing something that is four inches long
  • Forage - to look for food
  • Foreign - something or someone from outside, often another country
  • Hommage - a tribute
  • Knowledge - information acquired by someone
  • Long-range - something that can stretch or reach for a long distance or time
  • Lozenge - something with a diamond shape, or a tablet used in medicine
  • Mortgage - to borrow money against the value of something
  • Porridge - gruel or oatmeal
  • Portage - to carry something, or a place where things are carried from one waterway to another
  • Pouring - transferring liquid out of a container by gravity
  • Roaring - making a loud noise
  • Sausage - a meat product
  • Scavenge - to look for and find valuable items
  • Shortage - a situation where there is not enough of a resource
  • Shortchange - to give less of a resource than is due
  • Soaring - flying high in the sky
  • Storage - a situation or place in which things are kept for later
  • Syringe - an object used to give injections
  • Torrent - rushing water
  • Unhinge - unsettle or make insane
  • Warrant - a document used in an arrest or search
  • Warren - a place where small animals, such as rabbits, live

Other Words for Orange

If you need to use the concept of orange but don't want to use any of these rhyming words, you can try a synonym. For example, you might try one of these great options for the color or fruit:

  • Tangerine
  • Coral
  • Peach
  • Salmon
  • Citrus
  • Mandarin
  • Amber

Get Creative

Sometimes, finding the right words for your poem or rhyming project means being flexible. Get creative and try lots of different options. Even if the rhyme isn't quite exact, your meaning will still be clear. If you thought rhyming with orange was hard, explore words that rhyme with purple.