Words That (Nearly) Rhyme With Purple

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Updated February 19, 2021
what rhymes with purple word examples
    what rhymes with purple word examples
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A (very) few words have ending sounds identical to the word purple, but they are unusual words that aren't often used in everyday language. It's much more likely that you'll find a near rhyme for purple. Discover a selection of words that rhyme with purple so you're familiar with the available options.

What Rhymes With Purple?

Only a few uncommon words form perfect end rhymes with the word purple. Learn what they are, along with what they mean so you'll be able to quickly tell if any of these scarce options might make sense in your writing. If they don't, the next step will be to consider near rhymes.

  • bepurple - to dye something purple
  • curple - a horse's hindquarters
  • disperple - obsolete term for sprinkling or scattering
  • slurple - to make obnoxious slurping or sucking sounds when eating soup or another liquidy food

Near Rhymes for Purple

A near rhyme occurs when the ending sound of a word is similar to that of another term without being identical. This type of rhyme is also referred to as slant rhyme. Almost all available rhyming words for purple are that type of rhyme. Several letter combinations that appear at the end of terms work as slant rhymes for purple.

Purple Rhymes Ending With a Vowel Before an L

Some of the best slant rhymes for purple end with -al, -el, or -il. Many terms that end with this particular letter pairing pattern sound very similar to the end of the word purple when spoken.

  • argil - clay used to make pottery
  • barbel - whiskers growing from the area around a fish's mouth
  • carpal - bones in the wrist
  • chordal - resembling a chord (in music)
  • colonel - high-ranking military officer
  • corbel - weight-bearing projection from a wall
  • curtal - a horse that has had its tail docked
  • fardel - an archaic term for a burden or bundle
  • gerbil - a small rodent that burrows
  • herbal - made with herbs; relating to herbs
  • hurtful - causing a person distress or hurt feelings
  • journal - the act of writing personal thoughts or feelings
  • kernel - the seed and husk of a grain
  • mortal - a being that has a transitory life
  • orchil - a violet dye obtained from some types of lichen
  • portal - a grand entrance or doorway
  • snorkel - a tube inserted in a swimmer's mouth that extends above the water so the person can breathe with their face in the water
  • squirrel - bushy-tailed rodent that lives in trees
  • tergal - back portion of an arthropod
  • thermal - relating to or being caused by heat
  • verbal - using or relating to words
  • versal - using an ornate capital letter to begin a paragraph
  • immortal - a being that will live forever
  • eternal - something that lasts forever
  • nocturnal - becoming active during the nighttime

Purple Rhymes Ending in -Le

While not many words end in -ple, the other options that end in -le can be good slant rhymes for purple. Be sure to consider words that end with - ble, -cle, -gle, -ile, -kle, and -tle when you're on the hunt for words that rhyme with purple.

  • burble - an ongoing murmuring sound
  • burgle - to unlawfully enter premises for the purpose of stealing
  • chortle - to laugh gleefully
  • circle - a round shape
  • curdle - to separate into clumps or curds
  • darkle - to become dark or gloomy
  • encircle - to surround; to bring within a circle
  • fertile - capable of reproducing; having sufficient nutrients to grow crops
  • garble - a distorted message
  • gargle - using air from the lungs to swish around a liquid in one's throat or mouth
  • girdle - extremely close-fitting, tight undergarment
  • gurgle - a bubbling sound
  • hurdle - a difficulty or obstacle that must be overcome
  • hurtle - to move uncontrollably at a high rate of speed
  • kirtle - a tunic or gown worn by women and men during the Middle Ages
  • maple - deciduous tree that produces sugar used to make syrup
  • marble - metamorphosed limestone used in architecture
  • merkle - tree structure for organizing data
  • myrtle - an evergreen shrub with a bush-like appearance
  • sparkle - to shine or glisten
  • spurtle - a wooden kitchen tool used to stir porridge
  • staple - thin pieces of wire that hold papers together; standard household item
  • startle - to become suddenly alarmed
  • turtle - a reptile that moves very slowly and has a shell
  • warble - soft song featuring a variety of notes

First Syllable Rhymes for Purple

You may want to consider words that follow a first syllable rhyme scheme. This type of rhyme occurs when the first syllable of two words sounds the same. Here, you're looking for multi-syllable words where the first syllable sounds like the "pur" in purple. There are several first syllable rhymes to consider.

  • perfume - scent or odor
  • perky - upbeat and cheerful
  • permission - giving the go-ahead for an action
  • permit - a license or other authorization to do something
  • person - a human being
  • peruse - to look at closely
  • pervasive - everywhere; all-encompassing
  • purpose - the reason something was done or creative
  • purposeful - done with a particular outcome in mind
  • purposeless - done without a particular reason
  • pursue - to seek or chase
  • purply - tinged with a purple color
  • purty - southern slang for pretty
  • purchaser - one who buys something
  • purchasing - the act of buying things or negotiating to do so
  • purveyor - one who sells certain goods or spreads certain types of ideas
  • purser - the head steward on a cruise ship
  • pursuit - chasing after someone or something

Finding Options for Difficult Rhymes

Purple isn't the only word that can be challenging to rhyme with. It's not even the only color that lacks many perfect rhymes. To see for yourself, review some words that rhyme with orange. Next, explore some of the other types of rhymes, for even more creative ways you can work rhyme into your work even when exact sound matches are scarce or nonexistent.