Sentence Examples

  • Both are on horseback; the god is giving the diadem to the king.
  • We refer to Bhaskara Acarya, whose work the Siddhanta-ciromani (" Diadem of an Astronomical System "), written in 1150, contains two important chapters, the Lilavati (" the beautiful [science or art] ") and Viga-ganita (" root-extraction "), which are given up to arithmetic and algebra.
  • In 143 Tryphon murdered the young Antiochus and assumed the diadem himself.
  • It is desirable to remember the distinction, for, although diadem and crown are now used as synonymous terms, the two were originally quite distinct.
  • In some cases it would appear as if the diadem studded with pearls had been worn, and in others something more of the character of a crown.