Sentence Examples

  • It was Hildebrands policy throughout three papacies, during which he controlled the counsels of the Vatican, and before he himself assumed the tiara, to prepare the mind of Italy and Europe for a mighty change.
  • Humbly born, he had been tutor in the house of the Albizzi, and afterwards librarian of the Medici at Florence, where he imbibed the politics together with the culture of the Renaissance, Soon after assuming the tiara, he found himself without a rival in the church; for the schism ended by Felix V.s resignation in 1449.
  • VIII.; the fall of Granada freed Spain from her embarrassments; Columbus discovered America, destroying the commercial supremacy of Venice; last, but not least, Roderigo Borgia assumed the tiara with the famous title of Alexander VI.
  • In 1534 Alessandro Farnese, who owed his elevation to his sister Giulia, one of Alexander VI.s mistresses, took the tiara with the title of Paul III.
  • What, when the great Pope washes the feet of beggars, using his tiara for ewer?

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