Sentence Examples

  • He caused his own old tutor, Adrian of Utrecht, to be crowned with the papal tiara, and left the English to invade Picardy entirely unassisted.
  • Ballivian, Apuntes sobre la industria de goma elastica, &c. (La Paz, 1896); Noticia Politica, Geogrdfica, Industrial, y Estadistica de Bolivia (La Paz, 1900); Breves Indicaciones Tiara el Inmigrante y el Viajero a Bolivia (La Paz, 1898); Monografias de la Industria Minera en Bolivia, three parts (La Paz, 1899-1900); Relaciones Geogrdficas de Bolivia existentes en el Archivo de la Oficina Nacional de Inmigracion, &c. (La Paz, 1898); M.
  • Deposed, the cardinals assembled in conclave thought they could not do better than crown with the tiara this cosmopolitan prelate, who had an equal mastery of the Latin and Greek languages, and was renowned not only for his learning in theology but for his affability (June 26, 1409).
  • Assumed the tiara with the resolution to strain papal prerogative to the uttermost.
  • It was not hard to attack the system under which Rodrigo Borgia wore the tiara, while Girolamo Savonarola went to the stake; or in which Julius II.