Sentence Examples

  • Both are on horseback; the god is giving the diadem to the king.
  • In some cases it would appear as if the diadem studded with pearls had been worn, and in others something more of the character of a crown.
  • On the 26th of December 1076 Boleslaus encircled his own brows with the royal diadem, a striking proof that the Polish kings did not even yet consider their title quite secure.
  • The symbol of royalty, it is true, the diadem, was suggested by the head-band of the old Persian kings (Just.
  • 1 Here the satrap Andragoras appears to have shaken off the Seleucid supremacy, as he struck gold and silver coins in his own name, on which he wears the diadem, although not the royal title (Gardner, Numism.