Sentence Examples

  • Lancashire 1059 3474 Sacre Madame, Charleroi.
  • The buildings include the residence of the administrator, barracks, a government school for natives, a mosque and Hindu temple, and the establishment of the Mission du Sacre Caur, which possesses a large plantation of coco-nut palms. Bagamoyo is in telegraphic communication with Zanzibar and with the other coast towns of German East Africa, and has regular steamship communication with Zanzibar.
  • Her short devotional writing, La Devotion au Sacre-Coeur de Jesus, was published by J.
  • The duet, "Amour sacre de la patrie," was welcomed like a new Marseillaise; sung by Nourrit at Brussels in 1830, it became the signal for the revolution which broke out there.
  • The list of his works closes with his Opere sacre, a series of treatises on spiritual subjects.