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  • He compiled the history and did an analysis of the writings of all the ecclesiastical writers of the first thirteen centuries.
  • The best known of these are: Scripturae sacrae cursus completus, and Theologiae cursus (each in 28 vols., 1840-1845); Collection des auteurs sacres (ioo vols., 1846-1848); Encyclo pedie theologique (171 vols., 1844-1866); Patrologiae cursus completus, Latin series in 221 vols.
  • His mother, who had escaped the numerous mas~ sacres by disguising herself as a slave and performing the most degrading offices, now came forth and threw herself into his arms. Nadir did not give his enemies time to recover from their defeat.
  • Bourquin, " Brahmakarma, ou rites sacres des Brahmans," in the Annales du Musee Guimet (Paris, 1884, t.

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