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azōt, əzōt
Webster's New World
1823, Chemistry, entry in Charles Maclaren (chief edit), Encyclopædia Britannica, 6th Edition, page 366,
Hence it is obvious that deutoxide of azote is a compound of one volume of azote and one volume of oxygen gas united together, without any alteration of volume, consequently its specific gravity is the mean of that of oxygen and azotic gases.It is composed, by weight, of azote 0.9722 or 1.75, oxygen 1.1111 or 2. If we reckon the atomic weight of azote 1.75, this gas is obviously a compound of one atom azote and two atoms oxygen.
1831, Thomas Thomson, A System of Chemistry of Inorganic Bodies, Volume 1, page 133,
Those who have adopted these opinions, represent the atom of azote by the number 1.75. We consider the 5 compounds of azote and oxygen, as composed of 1 atom azote, united with 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, atoms of oxygen.

Origin of Azote

  • From French azote, from Ancient Greek ἀ- (a-, “without”) + ζωή (zōē, “life”). Named by French chemist and biologist Antoine Lavoisier, who saw it as the part of air which cannot sustain life.

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