Sentence Examples

  • The most significant tribal members usually wore elaborate headdress pieces only during ceremonial festivities, so keep this adornment simple and focus your time more on the costume embellishment and design.
  • While the exact method of transformation from headdress to decoration is uncertain, experts guess that once the celebrations were completed, the crowns of greenery would be hung on the wall.
  • In 1986, Cher went for an all-black Bob Mackie number, and a tall headdress made heads turn as much as the midriff bearing dress that made her look much like a beautiful spider.
  • You can spend time beading a Chief's headdress onto the back of your costume, although this process is labor intensive, the results would be stunning!
  • Rather than don a large sombrero and a pair of jeans, why not dress up in a colorful feathered headdress and make your mark as an Aztec warrior?