Sentence Examples

  • Ornament of the city was the arcaded and roofed bazaar called Chihar Chata, ascribed to Ali Mardan Khan, a noble of the 17th century, who has left behind him many monuments of his munificent public spirit both in Kabul and in Hindustan.
  • Contemptuous of the opinion of his fellows, he hid his virtues, paraded his faults, affected some failings from which he was really exempt, and, since his munificent charity could not be concealed from the recipients, laboured to spoil it by gratuitous surliness.
  • He was a munificent patron of men of letters, who came in large numbers to his court.
  • He had few personal friends, and rarely mingled in general society; though bitter to opponents, he was gentle to those who knew him, and his munificent charities gave him a warm place in the hearts of many to whom he was personally unknown.
  • According to the Mahabharata he is at last promoted to Paradise as the reward for his munificent charity.

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