Sentence Examples

  • To the first part unstinted praise must be accorded; it may be said that, with the materials at the author's disposition, it hardly admitted of improvement, except in trifling details.
  • The kings after Alexander, with the exception of Demetrius Poliorcetes and Pyrrhus, are not found to have more than one legitimate wife at a time, although they show unstinted freedom in divorce and the number of their mistresses.
  • He was a devout member of the Church of England, to which he looked up with unstinted affection and reverence; and he found in its service and formularies an adequate satisfaction for all his religious feelings.
  • His unstinted generosity to his brothers during his worst times is only one proof of the singular strength of his family affections.
  • Let him cultivate towards the whole world - above, below, around - a heart of love unstinted, unmixed with the sense of differing or opposing interests.

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