Sentence Examples

  • The Egyptian fleet and disciplined army were now thrown into the scale; and from the moment when Ibrahim Pasha landed at Modon (Feb.
  • The threat of the growing power in the Aegean of Venice, which had acquired Cyprus in 1489, at last roused him to a more serious effort; and in 1499 the war broke out with the republic, which ended in 1502 by the annexation to Turkey of Lepanto and Modon, Coron and Navarino in the Morea.
  • Bayezid himself conducted the siege of Modon in 1500.
  • In the Morea, meanwhile, a few Mussulman fortresses still held out: Coron, Modon, Navarino, Patras, Nauplia, Monemvasia, Tripolitsa.
  • Their victories had been due mainly to the guerilla tactics of the leaders of the type of without having accomplished anything beyond throwing supplies and troops into Coron, Modon and Patras.

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