Sentence Examples

  • Among psychologists Helmholtz, Mach, Brentano, Hering, Delboeuf, were all more or less against him.
  • The world was turning at Mach speed and Dean felt himself racing along with the uninformed, totally out of control.
  • There can be no doubt that Mach, Schuppe and Wundt drew the right phenomenalistic conclusions from such phenomenalistic data.
  • Mach, Die Mechanik in ihrer Entwickelung historischkritisch dargestellt (1883; 2nd edition (1889 translation) by T.
  • Outside the English-writing world, identical or kindred tendencies are represented in France by Leroy, Poincare, Bergson, Milhaud, Blondel, Duhem, Wilbois, Pradines; in Germany by Mach, Ostwald, Simmel, Jerusalem, Goldscheid, Jacoby; in Italy by Papini, Prezzolini, Vailati, Troiano.