Sentence Examples

  • If you just like the shape and look of the vintage Oakley M frames but you don't care to hunt a discontinued pair down and suffer through the possibility of having no warranty, there are newer, current M frame models on the Oakley website.
  • An effective half-hardy plant for the summer; M. major having finely-cut, large, glaucous leaves contrasting effectively with the garden vegetation, and being of the easiest cultivation, it has become a favourite in sub-tropical gardening.
  • Medlar (Mespilus) - M. germanica is a beautiful small tree or bush with large and handsome flowers, and a wide-spreading head, and is beautiful in early summer when studded with great white flowers among its large pale green leaves.
  • While J-14 and a few of the other Bauer Teen Network publications are also found in print, you can head online to access the entire network of publications including: M, Twist, 4TNZ, Quizfest, MyModel, Miss Literati and Blingee.
  • Several specific antigens are responsible for the incompatibilities: Rh type incompatibility, ABO blood group incompatibility, and other incompatibilities involving antigens known as Kell, Duffy, M, N, and P, among many others.

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