Sentence Examples

  • It fell, and I had nothing to do with it, but I'll be Machiavellian about it and simply appreciate the end result, Eden said and then paused.
  • To the virtues of liberality, charity and clemency he added the Machiavellian qualities of falsehood and shrewdness, so highly esteemed by the princes of his time.
  • But before referring to this last proof of the Machiavellian skill of the great Corsican in dealing with plots, it is needful to notice the events which brought him into collision with the British nation.
  • In taking this course Joseph made the capital mistake of neglecting the Machiavellian maxim that in changing the substance of cherished institutions the prince should be careful to preserve the semblance.
  • The advice which, on his death-bed, he is said to have given to the sultan is characteristic of his Machiavellian statecraft.

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