Sentence Examples

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  • The patas monkey is a West African species of the guenon monkeys, characterized by its large size, the foxy-red colour of the upper parts, blue face and white belly.
  • REEDBUCK (Dutch rietbok), the popular name of a foxy red South African antelope (Cervicapra arundineum) of medium size, with a moderately long bushy tail, a bare gland-patch behind the ear, and in the male rather short horns which bend forwards in a regular curve.
  • The name is extended to include the sing-sing or defassa waterbuck (C. def assa), a wides p read species, without the white ring on the buttocks, and represented by several local races, one of which is foxy red while a second is greyish.
  • This species is about the size of a red-deer, with a foxy red coat with black legs.