Sentence Examples

  • In greenhouses where the suns rays are concentrated on particular spotsand a certain class of obscure diseases, such as silver-leaf in plums, foxy leaves in various plants, may also be placed here.
  • The "foxy red" colouring of the typical race of north-western Europe is too well known to require description.
  • The coat in summer is foxy red above and white below; in winter this changes to a greyish fawn, with a white rump-patch.
  • Reedbuck, or rietbok (Cervicapra), are foxy-red antelopes ranging in size from a fallow-deer to a roe, with thick bushy tails, forwardly curving black horns, and a bare patch of glandular skin behind each ear.
  • He would make that foxy old courtier feel that the responsibility for all the calamities that would follow the abandonment of the city and the ruin of Russia (as Rostopchin regarded it) would fall upon his doting old head.

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