Sentence Examples

  • He meant an unintelligent, unconscious, restless, endless will.
  • They have always been mild-tempered, low, and unintelligent, and are to-day a poor and miserable race.
  • Anne of Austria, a devoted but unintelligent Ed~cat1Ion mother, knew no method of dealing with her son, save devotion combined with the rod.
  • This yearning is a dumb unintelligent longing, which moves like a heaving sea in obedience to some dark and indefinite law, and is powerless to fashion anything in permanence.
  • When, therefore, the battle which Keppel fought with the French on the 27th of July 1778 ended in a highly unsatisfactory manner, owing mainly to his own unintelligent management, but partly through the failure of Sir Hugh Palliser to obey orders, he became convinced that he had been deliberately betrayed.