Sentence Examples

  • Therefore, sometimes what he said was unintelligible or so quiet we had difficulty even hearing.
  • He grumbled something unintelligible and hung up.
  • 17 the unintelligible expression " they put the branch to their nose " is the rendering of a corrupt Hebrew text; a probable emendation is: " they are sending a stench to my nostrils."
  • She bends over her book with a look of intense interest, and as the forefinger of her left hand runs along the line, she spells out the words with the other hand; but often her motions are so rapid as to be unintelligible even to those accustomed to reading the swift and varied movements of her fingers.
  • Unless there had been in Helen's mind some such intellectual process as the questions indicate, any explanation of them would have been unintelligible to her.

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