Sentence Examples

  • Adequate and vivid) from obscure, fragmentary and incoherent conceptions.
  • He was not an orator, and though he could express himself forcibly on occasion, his speech was incoherent and devoid of any of the arts of rhetoric. Clarendon notes on his first appearance in parliament that "he seemed to have a person in no degree gracious, no ornament of discourse, none of those talents which use to reconcile the affections of the standers by; yet as he grew into place and authority his parts seemed to be renewed."
  • In internal affairs he wished to undo what his mother had done, but his impulsive, incoherent efforts in that direction merely dislocated the administrative mechanism without producing any tangible results.
  • Linguistics can tell us what makes the poem incoherent, how the "speaker" is multiple, but not who the speaker is.
  • The result is a confusion that renders the description incoherent.

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