Sentence Examples

  • They are entirely unsystematic so far as matter is concerned, chaotic and disjointed in style.
  • More serious were the plans and the attempts of Charles of Anjou and Louis IX., in which the Crusades may be said to have finally ended, save for sundry disjointed epilogues in the 14th and 15th centuries.
  • The peculiarly disjointed and fragmentary condition of the sentiments expressed by Pascal aggravates the appearance of universal doubt which is present in the Pensees, just as the completely unfinished condition of the work, from the literary point of view, constantly causes slighter or graver doubts as to the actual meaning which the author wished to express.
  • It is the key to an understanding of the times to remember that the War of Independence had disjointed society; and democracy - which Jefferson had proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence, and enthroned in Virginia - after strengthening its rights by the sword, had run to excesses, particularly in the Shays' rebellion, that produced a conservative reaction.
  • His hatred of system, incapacity for abstract thinking, and intense personality rendered it impossible for him to do more than utter the disjointed, oracular, obscure dicta which gained for him among his friends the name of "Magus of the North."

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