Sentence Examples

  • It is on a transversal cylindrical (rectangular) projection devised by Jacques Cassini (d.
  • - When a bar or rod is of considerable cross-section, a transversal disturbance calls into play forces due to the strain of the material much more important than the forces due to any tension which is ordinarily applied.
  • The axis of the member xQ+x'Q' of the second-order complex Q, Q' (where Q=nq+wr, Q'=nq'+wr' and x, x' are scalars) is parallel to a fixed plane and intersects a fixed transversal, viz.
  • The line parallel to q' q-- 1 which intersects the axes of Q and Q'; the plane of the member contains a fixed line; the centre is on a fixed ellipse which intersects the transversal; the axis is on a fixed ruled surface to which the plane of the ellipse is a tangent plane, the ellipse being the section of the ruled surface by the plane; the ruled surface is a cylindroid deformed by a simple shear parallel to the transversal.
  • These formulae give a means of constructing the resultant by means of any transversal AB cutting the lines of action.

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