Sentence Examples

  • Yet we learn from Capitolinus that Marcus Aurelius was still worshipped as a household divinity in the time of Diocletian, and was believed to impart revelations in dreams (Vit.
  • Jenner reasoned that the pox contracted by dairymaids could be used to impart immunity to others.
  • Can we, then, by the citation of some of those instances wherein this thing of whiteness--though for the time either wholly or in great part stripped of all direct associations calculated to impart to it aught fearful, but nevertheless, is found to exert over us the same sorcery, however modified;--can we thus hope to light upon some chance clue to conduct us to the hidden cause we seek?
  • Sometimes these tufts impart a rather brigandish expression to his otherwise solemn countenance.
  • It was because she seized the right moment to impart knowledge that made it so pleasant and acceptable to me.

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