Sentence Examples

  • Yet we learn from Capitolinus that Marcus Aurelius was still worshipped as a household divinity in the time of Diocletian, and was believed to impart revelations in dreams (Vit.
  • He also possessed the gift of prophecy, but, like Proteus, would only impart information on compulsion; when surprised in a drunken sleep, he could be bound with chains of flowers, and forced to prophesy and sing (Virgil, vi., where he gives an account of the creation of the world; cf.
  • Regimental schools impart elementary education to illiterate soldiers.
  • It is inconceivable that external conditions can impart to an organism the capacity to develop something that it does not already possess: can impart to it, that is, the capacity for variation in the direction of higher complexity.
  • Jenner reasoned that the pox contracted by dairymaids could be used to impart immunity to others.

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