Sentence Examples

  • The unit of work is that which is required to overcome a resistance of a dyne over a centimetre, and is called an Erg.
  • System the unit of force is called the dyne, and the unit of work or energy the erg.
  • Van Dyne, Our Foreign Service (Rochester, N.Y., 1909).
  • The unit of mechanical force in the " centimetre, gramme, second " (C.G.S.) system of units is the dyne, which is approximately equal to 1/981 part of the weight of one gramme.
  • A very small sphere is said then to possess a charge of one electrostatic unit of quantity, when it repels another similar and similarly electrified body with a force of one dyne, the centres being at a distance of one centimetre, provided that the spheres are in vacuo or immersed in some insulator, the dielectric constant of which is' taken as unity.