Sentence Examples

  • Jackson patented the preparation of ammonium oleate directly in the washing water, and it is claimed that for cleansing articles it is only necessary to immerse them in the water containing the preparation and then rinse.
  • In the case of solids we may determine the volume in some cases by direct measurement - this gives at the best a very rough and ready value; a better method is to immerse the body in a fluid (in which it must sink and be insoluble) contained in a graduated glass, and to deduce its volume from the height to which the liquid rises.
  • The suction may be derived from any form of air-pump; a form often employed where water at fair pressure is available is the jet-pump, which in consequence is known as a filter-pump. Another method of filtering into a vacuum is to immerse a porous jar ("Pukall cell") in the liquid to be filtered, and attach a suction-pipe to its interior.
  • Another method of removing grease is to immerse and remove strips of paper by which the surface available for the contamination is in effect increased.
  • A Greek citizen was so wholly immersed in the politics and ethos of his city that he cared little for himself.

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