Sentence Examples

  • Samples of this timber have been studied after forty-three years' immersion in sea-water.
  • If, then, the speed of the ship be v, the rate of paying out u, the angle of immersion i, the depth of the water h, the weight per unit length of the cable w, the pull on the cable at the surface P, and A, B constants, we have P =ht w- (A/sin i)f(u-v cos i)} (a) and w cos i= Bf (v sin i) (3), where f stand for " function."
  • 1 It is evident from equation (13) that the angle of immersion depends solely on the speed of the ship; hence in laying a cable on an irregular bottom it is of great importance that the speed should be sufficiently low.
  • The speed of the ship must therefore be so regulated that the angle of immersion is as great as the inclination of the steepest slope passed over.
  • In ordinary circumstances the angle of immersion i varies between six and nine degrees.

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