Sentence Examples

  • Arnold was by no means blind to the faults of Henry's government, but preferred an autocracy to the mob-rule which Simon de Montfortcountenanced in London.
  • Sure, he had faults – like being secretive.
  • Few, if any, of the faults of that classification are removed, and the improvements suggested, if not established by his successors, those especially of other countries than France, are ignored, or, as is the case with some of those of L'Herminier, are only cited to be set aside.
  • It has the "mixed" faults which make the greater poem of his Scots successor, Thomson, a "transitional" document, but these give it an historical, if not an individual, interest.
  • All these faults make him a peculiarly unsatisfactory authority where we cannot check his statements by those of other authors.