Sentence Examples

  • Border, are a series of somewhat irregular ridges developed on complexly folded and faulted crystalline rocks.
  • They rest unconformably on the Silurian rocks on the King river and to the west are faulted against the schists by a powerful overthrust fault, traversing the Mount Lyell copper field.
  • They are faulted and folded.
  • Probably before this period the movements of subsidence had set in which faulted the basalt plateaus, lowered them to form the basin of Lough Neagh, and broke up the continuity of the volcanic land of the North Atlantic area.
  • The heterogeneous character of great masses of strata has always had a marked influence on the nature of the folding; some beds have yielded much more readily than others, certain beds will be found to be faulted, .while those above and below have folded without fracture.

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