Sentence Examples

  • As he foresaw, the shrinkage of the great empire into the realm of old France caused infinite disgust, a feeling fed every day by stories of the tactless way in which the Bourbon princes treated veterans of the Grand Army.
  • In 853 and the following years Louis made more than one attempt to secure the throne of Aquitaine, which the people of that country offered him in their disgust with the cruel misrule of Charles the Bald.
  • Financial necessities compelled retrenchment, so that a certain number of offices were suppressed altogether, much to the disgust of the office-holding class, which was numerous and wealthy, and had almost come to look on the civil service as its hereditary possession.
  • The mission accomplished nothing, and Pinckney and Marshall left France in disgust, Gerry (q.v.) remaining.
  • His attitude is one not of bitterness but of calm hopelessness, with an occasional tinge of disgust or contempt.

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