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  • It was doubtless a revulsion of feeling against the doctrinaires and in particular against the puritanic reign of Michel that made her turn to Chopin.
  • In 445 a revulsion of feeling led the Megarians to massacre their Athenian garrison.
  • A revulsion of feeling soon led to his reinstatement, apparently with extraordinary powers.
  • It is difficult to allow the appositeness of this special illustration; on the other hand, Ford has even in this case shown his art of depicting sensual passion without grossness of expression; for the exception in Annabella's language to Soranzo seems to have a special intention, and is true to the pressure of the situation and the revulsion produced by it in a naturally weak and yielding mind.
  • Because of this, our outrage and our sympathy and our revulsion are amplified—not artificially through deliberate manipulation, but through a more real and visceral experiencing of our world.

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