Sentence Examples

  • Westminster Abbey is pre-eminent; in part, it may be, owing to the reverence felt towards it in preference to the classical St Paul's by those whose ideal of a cathedral church is essentially Gothic, but mainly from the fact that it is the burial-place of many of the English monarchs and their greatest subjects, as well as the scene of their coronations.
  • Everyone in the crowded room knew Pastor Humphries and treated him with the reverence as a visiting cardinal.
  • Harmony's voice held a hushed note of reverence that irked Gabriel.
  • " Tenderness " she had abundantly, and it revealed itself not only in effusive sentimentality, as with Rousseau and Chateaubriand, but in active benevolence; " justice " too she had in so far as she sincerely wished that all men should share alike her happiness; but of " holiness," that sense of awe and reverence that was felt in divers kinds and degrees by Isaiah, Sophocles, Virgil and St Paul, she had not a rudimenatry conception.
  • Pliny is also our authority for the reverence in which the mistletoe when found growing on the robur was held by the Druids.

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