Sentence Examples

  • Lead ores are smelted in the reverberatory furnace, the ore-hearth, and the blast-furnace.
  • (2) Substance heated by products of combustion = reverberatory furnaces.
  • Such furnaces are known by the general name of reverberatory or reverbatory furnaces, also as air or wind furnaces, to distinguish them from those worked with compressed air or blast.
  • Originally the term cupola was used for the reverberatory furnace, but in the course of time it has changed its meaning, and is now given to a small blast furnace such as that used by iron-founders - reverberatory smelting furnaces in the same trade being called air furnaces.
  • 2, 3 and 4 represent a reverberatory furnace such as is used for the fusion of copper ores for regulus, and may be taken as gener ally representing its class.

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