Sentence Examples

  • Thereupon He was condemned to death for manifest blasphemy, and a scene of cruel mockery followed.
  • It was, however, generally regarded as a mockery, and on the intercession of the British government the sentence was commuted to banishment.
  • To Eusebius the erection of a temple of Venus over the sepulchre of Christ was an act of mockery against the Christian religion.
  • The crowd greeted their arrival with mockery and derision, and being treated as the envoys of heretics they escaped without having obtained a hearing.
  • Nearly all travellers in the north of Africa mention the Hardhon of the Arabs (Agama stellio), which is extremely common, and has drawn upon itself the hatred of the Mahommedans by its habit of nodding its head, which they interpret as a mockery of their own movements whilst engaged in prayer.