Sentence Examples

  • The day had arrived with more bumps and grinds than a burlesque matron.
  • "Now you're going to blame my cooking," she said with burlesque severity that made him smile.
  • In 1673 a decree of the parlement against Cartesian and other unlicensed theories was on the point of being issued, and was only checked in[time by the appearance of a burlesque mandamus against the intruder Reason, composed by Boileau and some of his brother-poets.
  • We have from him one mythological burlesque, the Amphitruo, and several plays dealing with domestic subjects like the Captivi, Cistellaria, Rudens, Stichus and Trinummus; but most of his plays depend for their main interest on intrigue, such as the Pseudolus, Bacchides, Mostellaria.
  • Until the close of the 18th century Dalkey was notorious for the burlesque election of a "king," a mock ceremony which became invested with a certain political importance.

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